Virus and Spyware Issues Are On the Rise

We continually get questions about spyware and malware infection, and clients ask us whether or not we think their device is infected with spyware or a virus. A recent PC journal actually states that almost 9 out of every 10 PCs are infected with some form of spyware. But how do you know whether your PC might be infected with spyware or a virus?


  1. Sluggish Performance Even if your PC is brand new, it becomes slow and sluggish after the spyware attack.

  2. PC Crashes:Without any warning sign, the computer just crashes or freezes up. This can often indicate spyware or a virus.

  3. Browser Hijacks: You set some random site as a default home page. If the homepage in your browser suddenly gets changed to an unknown sites without your knowledge, then it is an alarming sign of spyware infection.

  4. Fake Alerts: Fake alerts saying that your PC is infected with some malware and it needs urgent attention. You are under their control simply by clicking on these alerts.

  5. Mysterious E-Mails: You get a lot of mysterious emails with tempting subject lines such as; celeb naked, Britney Discovered, Anna Kournikova sunbathing, etc. You may even find some strange emails in your sent folder, even if you didn’t write them.

  6. Hijacked Toolbars: Your default Google/Yahoo toolbar may get hijacked and a new toolbar appears in it’s place.

  7. New Files: All your favorites and bookmarks are gone and are replaced by mysterious sites tempting you to click.

  8. Puzzling Search Results: Even your favorite search engine gives puzzling results. This is something like hijacking the search engine itself.

Any one of the above 10 spyware warning signs may result in spyware or malware attack. So get rid of them even before your PC is infected with spyware. The new real-time protection technology developed by anti-spyware vendors’ help you to fight the spyware attack even before they enter into your PC.

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