IASP Backup

Included in all IASP server and VPS products at no additional cost.

Data backup is indisputably one of the most important topics when it comes to servers. For this reason, we attach a very high priority to our IASP Backup. In addition to the fortunately rare need for server recovery, there are a number of other events at which a backup is essential.

Very often a change of Web data or configuration data is wished to be undone shortly after it was accomplished. All this the IASP Backup provides as standard and with no additional charge for our server customers. For other applications, the afri-isp Backup can be purchased for surcharge.

It is a powerful control interface. This interface allows users to check a backup of the system, or even restoring it. Out of all the particular respective backup, customers can restore any file, directory or stock or download them to a local workstation. In particular, the possibility to locally download individual files or directories from the secure backup is highly estimated by website administrators. This feature allows to analyze defects in development and to accordingly revise them.

In all IASP products the IASP backup with the backup of 7 stands is included (daily incremental backups and weekly full backup). Of course, the entire server – regardless of the supplied disk size – is secured.

IASP Backup Equipment:

  • including 100Mbit or 1Gbit / s speed per backup server
  • including secure data transmission through encryption, making it ideal for remote backup systems
  • including up to 5TByte backup volume per server
  • including automatic creation of backup log files and error log files for each backup
  • including individual settings (eg number of backups and storage time)
  • including setting individual backupfree times to avoid backup activity during times of capacity utilisation
  • including lossless data compression to efficiently exploit backup capacity
  • including its own user access
  • including security at various sites
  • including securtity of the backup system powered by afri-isp Firewall
  • including ensuring high availability using various options for the backup system for continuous operation

For questions, please call our hotline or send us an E-Mail to support@afri-isp.net.