Residential Services

When virus and spyware issues occur, you can rely on the certified technicians from IASP to deliver prompt, expert computer service on site or in store. Whether you want to improve your computer’s performance, get those annoying pop-ups out of the way, install a wireless network, or just learn how to use your computer more effectively, we can help!

On-site Computer Repair & Service

Our techs will come directly to your home within 24 hours to solve your computer troubles on-site! Call us to set up a time that fits your schedule. We offer same-day service.

Virus/Spyware Issues

Do you feel like you have no control over your computer? It could be a virus. No matter what kind of computer you have, you need the antivirus software. IASP can provide you with the latest software that will protect you from these pesky invasions!

Home Networking

Do you have more than one computer that you want networked? A network allows your computers to share files, a printer, and an Internet connection. Even better, a wireless network is now the most common way to connect all of the computers in your home, without the mess of all those wires.

Firewalls and Internet Security

One way to protect your computer is to install a firewall, which keeps intruders from sneaking into your computer and accessing your private data. Protect yourself and your family … with help from IASP.

Upgrading Your Computer

Technologies change every day. There are always new things coming out to make your computer work more efficiently. So, even if your system is fairly new, you may need a few enhancements to accommodate your growing collection of digital photos, movies, files, or video games. Have questions about upgrades? Call us!

Data Backup and Recovery

Along with helping you to backup your data safely, we also offer data-recovery services that can try to recover lost files resulting from hardware mishaps, software conflicts, or viruses.

Preventive Maintenance

When was the last time your computer had a thorough cleaning? If it has been more than six months, it is time to schedule a visit with one of our techs. Ever heard of a dust bunny? They can grow inside your computer too!

For questions, please call our hotline or send us an E-Mail to