So, how many times has this happened to you? You’ve spent all day working on a spreadsheet, design file, report, or proposal, and you’ve saved it 20 times. But then you go to open it the next day, and it’s corrupt, or worse, your computer’s hard drive has crashed with all of your; photos, proposals, accounting files, everything. GONE!

Oh, no problem, you’ve been backing up to an online service. So, no problem. Get a new hard drive and you’ll be saved. Awesome, you have a meeting tomorrow and all you need to do is get that file back from You get your new drive or computer and start to restore your files. 72 hours to restore. WHAT? You need it now!

We set up your systems to backup locally, at your location, for fast data recovery. You also have the option to keep a duplicate backup at our high-speed secure data servers. If you have a major disaster from fire, water damage, or even a rare tornado, we can duplicate your data on a hard drive in our offices and hand deliver it to you in a matter of hours.

For questions, please call our hotline or send us an E-Mail to