Your company's computer servers are the heart and soul of your business. from email, network and internet access, to printing, and word processing. don't take them for granted. a half day of downtime can cost your business thousands of dollars.

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The servers offered by the IASP (PTY) Ltd. are intended for tough long-term work. Solely server components are used. Our hardware equipment is selected to achieve high performance while a permanently stable system is deployed. We generally do not use desktop or not-24/7-suitable components. All servers are manufactured in 19 “industry standard and are operated in 19” racks. Because of this careful system deployment, our server breakdowns are extremely rare. The opportunity to add further hard drives without rebooting the running system for example is just one of many possibilities offered by the IASP (Pty) Ltd. Network connections can be built entirely redundant.

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Core Values

Our approach focuses on new efficient ways of conducting business, thereby combining IT innovations and adoption.

High Quality

Our main emphasis is to deliver best quality in every project we undertake. We strive to ensure we maintain our global business standards.

Reliable Technology

We believe in providing steadfast technology that suits every business need, whether big or small. This synthesis has motivated and enabled us to always deliver solutions with a decisive competitive advantage.


In each presented project, we emphasize on innovation. Our creative team works with a procedure amd knowledge to revolutionize and deliver excellent services to our clients